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With an INTEX home inspection, you get:

  1. A professional home inspection by an inspector who:

  2. Is professionally trained by Carson Dunlop and Associates, one of the most respected names in professional home inspection training.

  3. Takes ongoing training and professional development.

Your INTEX home inspector will check more than 400 aspects of your prospective purchase. We check the:

  1. Interior and Exterior

  2. Structure, Attics, Crawl Spaces, and Foundation

  3. Heating and Cooling Systems

  4. Plumbing

  5. Electrical Systems

  6. Insulation and Ventilation

  7. Doors and Windows

  8. Ceilings, Doors, Interior Walls and Floor Coverings

  9. Exterior Drainage

  10. Roof

  11. Decks and Porches

  12. Attached garages, etc.

You will get a customized, electronic home inspection report that is:

  1. Sent to you within 24 hours.

  2. Straight forward and easy-to-read.

  3. Emailed to you so you can refer to it whenever you need.

The inspection report will include specific details and pictures from your home on:

  1. The condition of every visible component from the roof to the basement (interior and exterior).

  2. Any major or minor deficiencies or hazards.

  3. Recommendations on the steps required to rectify any deficiencies.

  4. Helpful tips.

  5. Safety concerns.


Your INTEX home inspection will give you peace of mind and information regarding any future maintenance and costs to help you make the best decision for your investment.

The Benefits of an INTEX Home Inspection

Quick Facts


Service area  New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

objective  To ensure you have a professional home inspection so you can live with peace of mind.


  1. Completed Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program (recognized by the National Certification Program)

  2. Efficiency NB trained

  3. 15+ years of contracting/renovation experience

(506) 536-2223 (office)(506) 536-8609 (cell)